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We are going to win: Joe Biden

  • Update Time : Saturday, November 7, 2020
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Democrat candidate Joe Biden has said he is going to win the US presidential election after beating Republican candidate Donald Trump in the battleground states in the US election.

Biden has already met with experts, including Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris, to discuss preparations for the White House. “The numbers are telling us … it’s clear and we’re going to win,” he said Friday evening.

We have never had to wait for the results of the US election since 2000. The country’s presidential election was held on Tuesday, but the count has not yet ended. Because a record 100 million people in the country have voted in advance this time.

Out of a total of 24 crore voters in the country, 19 crore registered to vote in the elections. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the number of advance votes in the country was higher this time to avoid crowds.

Thousands of votes are still to be counted. The two rivals are Alaska (3 electoral college votes), Nevada (6 electoral college votes), Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15) and Georgia (18). Among the five states, Joe Biden leads in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Also ahead of Alaska and North Carolina is Donald Trump.

Democrat Joe Biden received 264 electoral votes and Republican candidate Joe Biden received 214 electoral votes. But with Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia leading the way, Joe Biden is set to sit on the White House bench.

Biden supporters across the country have begun extensive preparations to celebrate the victory as they are ahead of Trump in the majority in the mission to occupy the White House. Biden supporters danced and

sang in the streets of Philadelphia to celebrate the victory. On the other hand, armed supporters of Trump have staged protest rallies in Phoenix and Detroit.

Despite failing to show any evidence, the Republican camp has accused the election of rigging. The Republican Party has already filed lawsuits in several states alleging election fraud.(Source: Online)

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