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When mangoes ripe in Bangladesh

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Before the season begins, the country’s fruit markets are selling ripe mangoes already. However, like last year, there have been allegations of ripening of mangoes with “chemicals”, in which the number of customers is not less in any part.
But can buyers safely eat these mangoes? In this regard, a customer complained and said, “Mangoes have no taste because they were picked before ripening”.
Those who research mangoes say that if you know when the mangoes are ripe, there is no chance of getting ‘chemical’ mangoes. Writer and researcher Mahbub Siddiqui has also published a book titled “Kon Aamti Kokhn Khaben” (When to Eat a Mango?).
The schedule (calendar) of mango coming to the market after ripening in Bangladesh is given-
Gobindobhog – May 15 to May 30

Golapkhas – After May 27
Gopalbhog – May 25 to June 10
Ranipochondo – June 1 to June 15
Himsagar – June 7 to June 30
Langra – June 15 to July 15
Lakshmanbhog – June 15 to July 15
Haribhanga – June 15 to July 15
Amrapali – June 28 to July 25
Bogla Guti – June 12 to July 7
Mallika – After May 19
Surjapuri – June 1 to July 20
Fazli – July 5 to August 15
Ashwina – July 7 to September 7
The point is – mangoes that are seen in the market currently are not nourished at the specified time as per the natural order.

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