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Year’s shortest night tonight

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People all over the world are having the longest day of the year today. As dusk falls, the shortest night of the year begins. After that, the length of the night will increase continuously while the days will keep getting shorter.

Today the sun was set at 6:49 pm in the capital Dhaka and the sunrise tomorrow will be at 5:12 am. The calculations show that the length of tonight in Dhaka will be “10 hours and 23 minutes”. In other cities of the country, the length of night will also be like this.

As per the geographical rules, the world is generally divided into two parts — the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. The laws of nature show that “the condition that prevails in one hemisphere is totally opposite in the other hemisphere”. This is why, the Earth’s annual motion continues. As a result, the seasons of the earth change.

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Today is also known as Cancer Tropic Day – it is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. On this day, the sun will shine for the longest time in this part of the world.

The length of the night in Dhaka today will be 10 hours and 23 minutes; File Photo

Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the Tropic of Cancer determines how big the day will be. Today, there will be “13 hours 36 minutes 8 seconds” of sunshine.

On September 23, the Sun again moves to the equinoctial point where the Tropics and the Equator intersect. This is called the “Equinox Point”. On this day, day and night are equal all over the world.

After that, the night gradually increases in the Northern Hemisphere and the sun reaches the Southern Solstice Point of the Solstice Circle. Thus December 21 is the longest day and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere. At this time, the Sun is in the Capricorn circle.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun shines longer on Mondays, but in the Southern Hemisphere, the day will naturally be the shortest. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun will be just above the Tropic of Cancer at 12 pm on Monday.

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