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Bogura witnesses silent revolution in agro-machinery sector

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From blacksmith’s workshop to a business hub

Rehennuma Tarannum:

A silent revolution has been noticed in the agro-machinery sector of Bogura in less than a few years due to improvement of communications and modern technologies.

It has changed the lot of many entrepreneurs and created job facilities for hundreds of unemployed youths.

Meanwhile, BSCIC industrial area has turned into an agro-mechanical business hub with the efforts of new and older entrepreneurs. The agricultural and light engineering industry of the zone has already become famous in home and abroad. Many traders have now become multimillionaires from zero level by running business in this sector.

Despite the crisis of space, various varieties of farm-equipments are being produced in the BSCIC industrial area daily for supplying to different destinations of the country.

According to the sources, about 80 percent of the annual demand for agricultural equipments is fulfilled by the local products produced by several workshops and factories. This is why, the dependency of import for agricultural machineries has reduced largely compared to the previous time. In contrary, many of those are being supplied to different countries of the world after fulfilling the domestic demand.

Once, traders used to import agricultural equipments from different countries including China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and neighboring India, which was very complex and expensive. But now, local entrepreneurs have set up an example by producing various types of agri-equipments in their own factories. At present, about 5 lakh people of 1 lakh families in 16 districts of two divisions in the northern region are being benefited from the sector for their directly and indirectly involvement.

During a spot visit to different area including Fulbari, Katnarpara, Gohail Road, Shapla Market and Railway Market, The Daily Sky correspondent found that, a large number of products produced from different local factories and workshops built centering the BSCIC are being sold in the markets to use in agricultural sector. Of them, irrigation pump with shallow engine, liner pistons, tube-wells, various parts of power tillers, tractors and paddy harvesters are significant.

While talking, concern people said, dependency of people in different areas of the country including Pabna, Sirajganj, Natore, Tangail, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Joypurhat, Lalmonirhat, Khulna, Jessore, Jamalpur and Mymensingh on those products is widening day by day due to their best quality and cheaper rate. Besides, good communication between Bogura and other parts of the country is also the main among other reasons behind the expansion of this business.  It is to be mentioned that, ship breaking iron or scrap is the main rawmaterial of the industries.

BSCIC sources said, BSCIC was established on 14.5 acers of lands in Fulbaria area of the town in 1964. After liberation, the industrial zone faced crisis of space. Finding no way, the authority concered expanded its jurisdiction on more 18.67 acers of lands in 1980. But, the sanction for the plots reached to end by 1990. As a result, new entrepreneurs face difficulties to start their business for want of space. Many were forced to set up their business establishments at neighboring areas of the BSCIC zone. At present, some 85 industrial units have been running production on 233 plots of the industrial zone.

According to history, the production of agricultural and light engineering equipments was started in Bogura with the hands of some blacksmiths at their workshops. But, it has now turned into a business hub for agro-machinery and gained popularity.

Azizar Rahman Milton, President of BSCIC Industry Owners Association said, “Once, people were import dependant for agricultural equipments, which was very expensive. But now, farmers are getting all kinds of necessary products from local markets. Not only that many products produced in Bogura are being exported to abroad. It has opened the door of new horizon for economic development.”

AKM Mahfuzur Rahman, Deputy General Manager (DGM) of BSCIC in Bogura told The Daily Sky that, “Development of agro-machinery sector in Bogura has changed the fate of thousands of farmers in Bangladesh. It has also brought a greater change in economy. Around Tk 10,000 crore is transected in this sector each year, while about Tk 164 crore was realized as VAT and Taxes from here last year.  Besides, expansion of farm-machinery in Bogura is keeping vital role to make the country self-sufficient in foods.”

Motlubur Rahman, Deputy Director (DD) of Agriculture Extension Department (AED) in Bogura said, “Revolution of agro-equipment industries is considered as a blessing for farmers of the northern region. Earlier, farmers used to purchase several agri-equipments from traders with higher prices as those were import dependant. But now, they are getting all kinds of agricultural machineries from domestic market. If this trend continues, a greater revolution will come in the farming sector and the country will be self-sufficient in foods shortly.”

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